The Ready Room: A Star Trek Podcast
105: Broccoli's Cytherian Adventure

The Nth Degree.

Following the success of “Hollow Pursuits” in TNG’s third season, the writers began looking for a way to bring Dwight Schultz back to reprise the role of Barclay. But they wanted it to be a meaningful return, and so the search began for just the right story that would do justice to the character. The end results was a tale that would see a socially challenged man transformed into a braniac. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by Daniel Proulx and Phillip Gilfus to discuss the return of Barclay in “The Nth Degree” as well as his portrayal later on in the series and on Voyager.

In our news segment we look at Voyager toys and collectibles from over the years, Hallmark’s 2014 ornament lineup, critique the final cover art for the Blu-ray and DVD releases of Star Trek Into Darkness, and remember the first Klingon seen in Star Trek—Victor Lundin—who passed away at the age of 83. We also explain why putting a Horta on your Christmas tree may not be the best idea.

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