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106: Ancient Bajoran Parachute Pants


During the second season, DS9 focused its stories more and more on characters. But as Jake grew up it became harder to figure out how to handle the father-son relationship with Sisko. Then, in the third season, the perfect story came along, pitched by show intern Hilary Bader. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by Matthew Rushing, Drew Stewart, and Ben McCormick to discuss “Explorers” and how inspiration from Heyerdahl’s 1947 voyage aboard the Kon-Tiki was the perfect vehicle for bringing the two Siskos together. We also explore the budding bromance between O’Brien and Bashir, and whether we’re losing something special in our lives as the digital age takes over from the analog.

In our news segment we find Creation Entertainment encouraging another run at the costume record at Star Trek Las Vegas, take a peek at what DS9’s logo could have been, cook breakfast with the Enterprise spatula, take QMx’s NX-01 artisan replica for a flight, and discuss John Eaves’s account of designing Star Trek Into Darkness. Plus, we reveal a cosplay loophole that could help fans shatter that world record set at Destination Star Trek London.

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