The Ready Room: A Star Trek Podcast
128: Retconning Life

The Wire.

One of the most fascinating characters in Star Trek is the Cardassian tailor Garak. From the moment he was introduced in the second episode of DS9, “Past Prologue,” it was clear this was going to be a special character. There are many great episodes featuring him, but one the most telling is “The Wire,” a second-season episode focusing on his near death from a malfunctioning brain implant. Ironically, many fans disliked this episode when it first aired because they said they learned nothing new about Garak. In this episode of The Ready Room we're joined by John Mills and Ben McCormick to discuss "The Wire," the interplay between Garak and Bashir, the messages about drug addiction, recovery, spying (it's not just for the Obsidian Order!), and what insights Garak's ever-changing stories offer into who he really is.

In news we find out about a deal to keep Star Trek on Amazon Prime, the 1st Annual L.A. Sci-Fest and its Star Trek connections, the fourth birthday of Star Trek Online, and Chris Pine's hopes for a darker Kirk in the next Star Trek film. Plus, we remember long-time Star Trek props master Joe Longo.

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