The Ready Room: A Star Trek Podcast
129: I'm a Reporter, Not a Doctor!

Message In a Bottle.

Ever since the Doctor got his hands on a 29th-century mobile holo-emitter, he had been itching for more away-mission action. And he finally got his chance to get far away from the ship—really far away—in the fourth-season episode “Message In a Bottle.” Thanks to Seven’s discovery of an abandoned alien relay network, the crew found a possible link to a Starfleet ship in the Alpha Quadrant; but only the Doctor could made the trip. Waiting for him on the other side of that network was Matthew from NewsRadio. Sounds like the perfect set up for an episode of Star Trek, right? In this episode of The Ready Room we're joined by Charlynn Schmiedt and Daniel Proulx to discuss this humorous Voyager outing, how it served the Doctor's character development, the technological eye candy it gave us, and how it served as a set-up for a number of far more serious storylines down the road.

In news we look at Scott Bakula's new starring role in the NCIS spinoff set in New Orleans, find out why Spock is riding a unicorn, try to figure out just what Commander Riker is selling in a bizarre YouTube video, check in on Star Trek Continues' second episode premiere, hear what Ronald D. Moore says about Trek returning to television, and take a look at the Star Trek (2009) Masterworks Edition Blu-ray that is coming to Europe.

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