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164: I’m Anxious to See Your Tactical Array


When we see injustices, it's natural for us to want to change them. But when those injustices involve an alien culture, is it really fair for us to impose our human views on others? This was one of the biggest challenges for early explorers and comes into play when Trip encounters a situation that seems very wrong to him, but is perfectly normal, accepted, and in fact critical to the Vissians. Despite good intentions, his actions to right a perceived wrong have devastating consequences.

In this episode of The Ready Room, we’re joined by Daniel Proulx and Matthew Rushing to discuss “Cogenitor,” the idea of a species that requires three genders to reproduce, the reasons why the Vissians may oppress the cogenitors, the repercussions of Trip’s actions, and, of course, the sensual cheese eating habits of Malcolm Reed.

In our news segment we find out how Wesley Crusher's amazing technicolor sweater can keep you warm this winter, which senior officer post fans most want to fill, and how you can design an actual Enterprise that will orbit the Earth.



Christopher Jones and Daniel Proulx



Matthew Rushing


Editor and Producer

Christopher Jones


Associate Producer

Renee Roberts



Wesley Crusher technicolor sweater now available! (2:35)

Poll: The senior officer position most fans want to hold is… (13:46)

Help Enterprise In Space design the NSS Enterprise orbiter (21:58)


Feature: Cogenitor

Intro and Synopsis (27:04)

The Birds and the Bees… and the Ants? Tri-Gendered Reproduction (32:18)

Oppression for the Greater Good? (42:43)

Cultural Differences and Self Control (1:01:43)

The Sensual Cheese Eating Habits of One Malcolm Reed (1:13:48)

Don’t Think About the Language (1:16:17)

Repercussions and Lessons Learned (1:20:14)

Final Thoughts (1:24:35)

Closing (1:28:57)


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