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176: A Clever Lampshade


After a number of run-ins with the Klingons during Enterprise’s first two seasons, Captain Archer finally found himself in a place familiar to Star Trek fans: a Klingon courtroom. “Judgment” takes us back to the ice caves of Rura Penthe, but it also does more than simply repeat the events of The Undiscovered Country. It also attempts to add some depth to Klingon society.

In this episode of The Ready Room, we’re joined by Norm Lao, Will Nguyen, and Phillip Gilfus to discuss Archer’s trial, why the Klingons have it out for him, whether the use of Star Trek VI tie-ins was a clever connection or a creative crutch, and why the Klingons should be glad Mystery, Inc. didn’t make a cameo.

In our news segment we share our thoughts on Sofia Boutella’s signing to a lead role in the next Star Trek film, and we discuss the poll that asked which alien race you would most want to make first contact with.



Christopher Jones and Norman C. Lao



Phillip Gilfus and Will Nguyen


Editor and Producer

Christopher Jones


Associate Producer

Renee Roberts


Production Manager

Richard Marquez


Content Coordinator

Will Nguyen



Sofia Boutella signs on for lead role in Star Trek 3 (00:02:02)

Poll: The alien you want to make first contact with is… (00:14:06)


Feature: Judgment

Intro and Synopsis (00:28:32)

Kolos and the Rise of the Warrior Class (00:36:02)

Meeting Duras Again… for the First Time (00:50:57)

Communicating the Details (00:56:47)

Rura Penthe: Creative Crutch? (01:02:26)

A Clever Lampshade (01:16:14)

Archer on Trial (01:20:24)

Final Thoughts (01:28:11)

Closing (01:35:51)


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