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86: Logic Bombing the Shakespeare Robot

The Conscience of the King.

Shakespeare can be found throughout Star Trek, from simple quotes to lifted plotlines. Today we take the influence of the Bard on the franchise for granted; but it all started in first season of The Original Series with a story that digs deeply into the issues of justice, vengeance, and justifications. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by Drew Stewart and Charlynn Schmiedt to discuss “The Conscience of the King” and how a story that may seem like a simplistic, bad mystery is actually a multilayered gem that showcases the very best of Star Trek and the cast.

In news we have the latest information on the Best of Both Worlds theatrical event, try on some tunic tanks, and take a look at Andorians in DK’s upcoming Star Trek Visual Dictionary, IDW’s May 2013 comic lineup, and the making of Star Trek: The Video Game. Plus, we share our impressions of Ongoing #18’s trip into Uhura’s past and the second part of Countdown to Darkness. A Star Trek IV homage may also be on deck.

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