The Ready Room: A Star Trek Podcast
108: Jonathan Archer and the Temple of Doom


Ask anyone—fan or not—to name one race from Star Trek and chances are they’ll say Vulcan. Thanks to Spock, few things are more associated with Trek than those green-blooded, pointy-eared aliens. Despite this the Vulcans are the most prominent race in Star Trek about whom we’ve learned very little over the years. It was left to Enterprise to fill in the blanks, something the series did beautifully, yet a majority of the fan base missed it because they had tuned the show out. In this episode of The Ready Room we’re joined by Michael Fisher, Colin Higgins, and James Moorhouse to continue our discussion of the Syrrannite Trilogy with the culmination, “Kir’Shara.”

In our news segment we review the happenings at Star Trek Las Vegas 2013, look at a new fan-curated collection of TOS episodes from CBS, hear directly from 1/8th Beverly about her relationship with Gates McFadden, and find out where Star Trek fans get their Trek fix most often.

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